Aaron Colton-moto XDL Stunt Rider-15 Years-Old!

This kid is 15 years-old and spanks guys twice his age at street-stunting. This is Aaron’s freestyle run at the XDL US Stunt Riding Championships at the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA 7-7-07

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  1. By: jumboaaaaa

    @phenix3 thats pretty awesome. but i bet he’s not as cool as aaron

  2. By: Mrlild2341

    @MrTurboRR Hey, im 15 too, and i also want to get the ninja 250r. I convinced my parents by saying i would get a job and come up with half the money, and also take a safety class(which is required anyone for the driving portion in texas for 15 year olds anyway). Just suck up to them, and if you’re always responsible bring that up as well.

  3. By: MrTurboRR

    I Need some help! Im 15 and wanna get a ninja 250r but parents say NO! is there anyway to convince them?

  4. By: MrTurboRR

    @Mrlild2341 I’ll give that a try because this the 250r is probably the easiest bike to ride!

  5. By: swderek

    Is that the Titanic in the background?

  6. By: f4iStuntjunkie

    nice skills man..

  7. By: JRMC48

    most people learned from dirtbiking i did i had a streetbike at 15 and 1/2 and did them for a short distance lol now i can on my 05 636

  8. By: Snowmobiler29

    Thats insane!!

  9. By: kkrashh


  10. By: H43N

    636 ive seen the bike in person and even sat on it

  11. By: CBRicon08

    no dude, that’s a fuckin Buell!!

  12. By: BeeFKa07

    Kawasaki 636r??

  13. By: pbristow28

    check out my video

  14. By: Jimaaras

    He doesn’t care… :P 

  15. By: ericcartman888

    those tyres wont last long

  16. By: MADMAWD


  17. By: eVgLipSlide

    That’s definately a zx6r 03-04 636 Look at the Ram Air intake in the front.

  18. By: honeyb0y

    This is a Kawasaki Ninja, in case you silly people feel like saying it’s a Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha…

  19. By: Plainmark

    It gotta be a yamaha R1 or 6. Look at the front likes. Deffo yamaha. Kawasakis dont have lights like that.

  20. By: UrbanSR31

    Dont look like either of the Yamaha man it might be either a Kawa or Honda but i say its a Kawa cause the air vent on the top of the headset is seen on most of the ZX6-10Rs and shitt

  21. By: UrbanSR31

    watchin stunters stuntin aint easy its all about phsyics, balance all those science shitt and us humans are pretty good at understandin the ways of it thats why these fresh cunts are so good practice makes best

  22. By: t3hJoTuN

    I like to feel sexy….knowing someone is watching me ..wanting me…turns me on!BADLY! I like to flirt and pose..and sometimes i like to get WILD! how? ..he he..come in video and youll see:-)) maybe u can teach me something..or maybe i will ! come visit me at MeetYourFling * COM my user-id there is lucina-xhhv chat soon on cam :-) ayrmazejbidu

  23. By: stunttailija

    Hey dude, the guy who send this movie isn’t Aaron. You stupid. And he do that’s crazy stunts because he have been practised for doing them. It’s so simple.

  24. By: alscort93

    I’d say R6 with it having side exhaust.

  25. By: aglegro

    Aaron let me ask you something::i drive from my 11 i m 14. but how to heall you do that s crazy stunts???i s that beccause weight and cubics of motorbike..???
    you have greaaat balance. TEACH ME!!!!

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