STARBOYZ ftp – Extreme moto Stunt wheeling Street Sport Bike Team

The STARBOYZ ftp film series – Extreme Motorcycle Stunt Wheelie Street Bike Team from Akron, Ohio tear up the streets and highways pulling stunts on street bikes at speed of over 100mph. the starboyz make it a day as they wheelie through neighborhoods do burnouts anywhere possible and stoppie through street light past cars and even make a run from the police every now and then. Always an action packed day watching these maniacs cause mayhem as they pull their hi-jinx on the highway. Starboyz are the original gods of street bike stunt riding & at it again after more than 20 years expierience on bikes. Will they ever slow down. Here are a few Leftovers from the LongWeekend by StuckInOhio on Youtube – Web Site –

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