Vietnam moto special part 1 – Top Gear – BBC

Part ONE of TWO videos from the extraordinary Top Gear Vietnam Special. In this video, Jeremy Clarkson begins to enjoy his Vespa on the road to the Ancient Capital of Hue, and Richard Hammond is furious when James and Jeremy paint his bike bright pink. Brilliant high quality video from BBC motoring show, Top Gear. Got to to see a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear YouTube channel and don’t forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews.

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  1. By: ferrarixxz

    i have watch this episode before and I never notice that Richard Hammond was using a Leatherman.

  2. By: CSavageSr

    I laughed my head off at this episode.  Buying each other « gifts » to muck them up is brilliant!

  3. By: The666thBowelOfHell

    3:38 in the WEAULD

  4. By: deadlyschtooners

    4:57 is the beginning of the song « hong kong » by the Gorillaz

  5. By: TheElmariachigordo

    « u missed a bit there that u must not do as well! »

  6. By: thangco11

    If you think France is the only beautiful place,why did France invaded and transformed VietNam,Dr Alexandre Yersin dedicated his life to VN,the USA sacrificed 60,000 young men for our land.May be you are from Sri Lanka and Anthony Bourdain does not love your land as much as he loves VietNam

  7. By: Shortstuffjo

    Wow dude that thing was going FAST! I don’t know what it was.

  8. By: Ezekiel616

    06:30 I just love the way they stare :D

  9. By: springstownewildcat

    QL 1 is amazing!!!

  10. By: kN5ack

    112 people hate Darcy.

  11. By: hjpvnrus1

    6:30 – it is UFO????

  12. By: marcuspotter4564

    8:15 « You missed a bit there that you mustn’t do as well. » LOL

  13. By: AdamTheMan1993

    Fuck it up and they still lost

  14. By: sprucetop2

    Whatever happens I have to visit this STUNNING land!!!!!!!!!

  15. By: TheJoel3803

    why do they always cut out the best bits?

  16. By: Thecarsall

    FAIL! 8:21

  17. By: Ellis01234567890

    I see a line of bikes and want to paint them pink…

  18. By: razor2396

    da fehlt die hälfte

  19. By: khoi0107

    LOL so hard at the girl who « innocently » paint the bicycles xD

  20. By: hochild

    LOL what @3:00 the mast is fixed again..

  21. By: ToMmaDj

    8:15 And you missed a bit there that you mustn’t do as well… Ahahaha!!! James May is a legend!

  22. By: thangco11

    @surangasa A lot of people may be miserable but VietNam is a Poem,A Special Sensation,a Miracle-see VIETNAM HIDDEN CHARM,VIETNAM CRAZY TRAFFIC,LADY GAGA MISS UNIV 08,COASTER RIDE IN DALAT- there is something so warm about VN Music & Dance and the smiles on most people face are beautiful

  23. By: goYankees19

    note to self: do not give a can of pink spray paint to a Vietnamese woman with an anarchist streak in her…

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